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LED Writing Boards Flashing Menu Signs

LED Writing Board / LED writing Sign / Sparkle Board is an ILLUMINATED REWRITABLE SIGN BOARD that lights up your message like neon. Using the latest in LED TECHNOLOGY. You can set it to flash or smoothly cycle through 7 color modes. Hold or flash your message in 7 different colors models. And has 3 speeds in which you can flash your messages.

You can change your message anytime for the lifetime of the board. Write or draw your own message or design as you like, when you are ready to change your message simply erase the old message, and draw the new one. It is most often used in Restaurants, Shopping mall, Coffee Shops,  Bars, or Night Clubs and any public places.  They are ideal for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions.

This board also known as a Florescent Write Boards, are perfect for attracting new customers to your business. It truly is a genius way to attract attention to your business and specials.

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